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nigeriaGet the latest Nigerian News and Features at Nigeria daily post — Politics, Showbiz, Babes, Celebrities, Sports, Columnists, and Blogs with Moderated Comments. It will be noted that, when in the infamous amalgamation of the items was then called the Northern and the Southern protectorate into Nigeria what is now known as Nigeria, the North has remained the most unwilling as well as the most appeased and attracted to get a ?one Nigeria.? Fraudulent leadership crept into Nigeria for the simple goal of favoring and appeasing the North; the so-called Lord Fredrick Lugard of Britain, James Robertson, with Her Majesty?s approval, assured that.

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The name Nigeria was suggested by British journalist Flora Shaw within the 1890s. She known the area as Nigeria, following your Niger River, which dominates much in the country's landscape. The word Niger is Latin for black. More than 250 ethnic tribes call present-day Nigeria home. The three largest and many dominant ethnic groups are the Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo (pronounced ee-bo). Other smaller groups range from the Fulani, I jaw, Kanuri, Ibibio, Tiv, and Edo. Prior with their conquest by Europeans, these ethnic groups had separate and independent histories. Their grouping together in a single entity called Nigeria would have been a construct of the British colonizers.

Nigeria news has experienced a colorful, intriquing, notable and fascinating history. Traditionally, Nigeria news was transmitted which has a variety of local instruments: drums, sticks, gongs, fire, and voice. The local folks have to locate a approach to transmit news of joy, death and war on their community with no great things about mobile devices, radios, TV and all latest technology. Today, Nigeria News is transmitted mainly over the radio, newspaper and electronic version. First, Nigeria news was transmitted with the newspapers, state owned radio and later on government owned TV stations.These all facilities are supplied on our Daily Post Nigeria Online Newspaper.

The anxiety over who controls facilities housing border officials of both Nigeria and Benin Republic will soon be over as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is considered to have taken over the border post. We are speaking about creating employment for your people, and then you go and own a refinery inside a foreign country. Then visiting the question you asked about subsidy, in fact Nigeria can perform without treatment of subsidy it is exactly what we believe. And that is why on a daily basis, they mention it, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) will kick against it which is to never the benefit in the common man. What it means in practical terms could be that the tariff of petrol will increase.

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Nigeria strength resigns before privatisation

nigeriaThe power minister in Nigeria resigned on Wednesday, the presidency explained, 8 weeks before customers that were favored were on account of be announced in a privatisation approach supposed to change the countryis suffering energy sector.

A spokesman for Nnaji established the minister had a spot in this organization, but explained there was zero discord of fascination because specialists were informed.

There have been reports in a few Nigerian magazines on Wednesday Barth Nnaji got an interest in a company involved in the businesses procedure for just two Nigerian state possessions upwards available.

Why Nnaji resigned, the spokesperson rejected to convey, netpin.gr and no motive was given while in the resignation's story from the presidency.

" spokesman told Reuters.

More shocking corruption reports coming, says govt

nigerianRitics of the Muhammadu Buhari administration's anti-corruption crusade yesterday got a response — blackmail or no intimidation will halt the war.

Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed said Nigerians needs to be ready for more mind boggling revelations in the 2015 and 2014 report, which will be yet to be released.

For anyone doubting the claims, the minister said the info he supplied to understand if it was accurate or not should be investigated by them.

«Let's talk more about the price of corruption. Have you ever seen that whereas Nigeria's national budget has increased from just over N900 billion in 1999 to finished N6 trillion poverty has additionally grown nearly by the same percentage? The reason just isn't far fetched: Appropriated funds have mostly ended up in the pockets of a few looters.»

He added: «Do you understand that what's so far been revealed as per taking in the Dasukigate is about N54.8billion Whereas, in the entire 2015 all the zonal intervention act cost N52 billion. This is the expense of corruption for you personally.

When the cash meant to build roads is looted, the outcome is the roads aren't constructed as well as the people suffer and even die in road mishaps that are avoidable. We all are sentenced to darkness, when the money designed to provide electricity is looted. We're not able to reduce infant and maternal mortality when a few pocket the money meant for health care. These will be the costs of corruption. Let's not just talk about corruption in the abstract, let us be counting its price to our own lives as a way to drive home the point that corruption should be tackled decisively for Nigerians to feel the effect of government.»

Mohammed spoke of two courts of corruption — the court of public opinion and also the court of law. «The court of public opinion can also be as important as the court of law,» he said.

Mohammed raised the alarm that treasury looters had resorted to fighting back, using various means.

However he assured the country that the administration will not give in to their distractions.

The authorities, he said, has achieved what it set out to achieve, which is to sensitise Nigerians to the evil of corruption.

He explained: «Well, I can let you know today that corruption is already fighting back, and it's fighting hard and dirty. Sponsored articles have begun appearing in the newspapers and in the social networking while 'Talking Heads' have began making the rounds in the electronic media deriding this Government as good as the struggle against corruption. Not stopping there, they've been creating distractions by sponsoring posts in both local and international media tag the President a budding fascist, to deride the Administration's policies generally and even write off his 2016 budget. We know the only goal of those assaults is to deflect attention from your war on corruption.

»It's saddening that some otherwise credible voices have unwittingly let themselves to be railroaded into the bandwagon of pro-corruption orchestra. They engage in sophistry to try to drum up Nigerians from the anti-corruption conflict. One hack writer even said the disclosure that 55 Nigerians supposedly stole N1.34 trillion between 2006 and 2013 didn't trigger any anger among Nigerians! A disclosure that attracted the attention of worldwide financial institutions and the world's most powerful country, played extensively in the international media and made the front page in more than a dozen Nigerian papers cannot be dismissed using a wave of the hand.

«Also, among those who gained from the Dasukigate even had the temerity to deride the anti-corruption war as 'selective', when in saner climes he should happen to be so ashamed of himself that he would have apologised to the nation and hunkered down...for good. These sponsored assaults usually are not about to cease. In fact, they'll become more coordinated and more extreme in the days ahead. But the good news is the fact that we are winning the war. Nigerians are currently talking more about corruption. Nigerians are actually counting the cost of corruption to their own lives.

»We call on Nigerians to not be taken in by the antics of the sponsored denunciation of the anti-graft war. The treasury looters, who've so much resources in their own kitty, as well as their cohorts will throw everything but the kitchen sink at this Administration, But we don't have any doubt that Nigerians are discerning enough to be aware of the truth which, in the words of President Muhammadu Buhari, is that unless Nigeria kills corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria.

«This Government will neither be deflected nor intimidated by anyone into giving up or weakening the fight against corruption, which will be a war of survival for our state. The fight will not be stopped by any quantity of media or other attacks. The pseudo-analyzers and hack writers will labour in vain in heir quest to stop the train of this anti-corruption fight.»

The minister said the info on corruption was meant to sensitise the nation on the evil of corruption.

«Let me restate, for emphasis, that when we give examples of mind boggling acts of corruption, our intention isn't to vilify anyone but to sensitise Nigerians regarding how harmful corruption would be to the country as well as the individuals. The truth is that what we now have shown so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Nigerians should stay tuned for more shocking revelations in the days ahead.»

On why the details he gave on alleged treasury looters failed to comprise 1999-2005, he explained the compilation covered only periods when the anti-corruption law became completely functional and that was around 2006.

The minister said by the time the details of 2014 and 2015 are released, the nation will soon be shocked.

His words: «When we make following disclosures, you will be more shocked than you are now.»

He also decried the situation where it takes about seven or even more years to prosecute the «so called strong» folks.

On the role of the judiciary in the fight against corruption, the minister reiterated his earlier appeal that both Bench and the Bar should begin to see the fight as a national effort.

He explained " and I can ensure you that we have formed a demo As Well As the judiciary is willing and prepared to cooperate with us. So we know that judiciary is very important, and we're reaching out to them, we are appealing to also know that there are several structural reforms that need to take place and we are working to them.

The government has been criticized for trampling on the rights of accused individuals or disobeying court orders. Mohammed differed.

He said: «What are we even talking about? Is the human right of the 55 persons more important than human rights of 170 Nigerians? But again, I want to make it clear that we do not disobey court orders».

When prodded to supply info on the 55 individuals, he explained the simplest method would be to attend the EFCC or the court to find out who they are as they have one pending case or the other in the court bordering on corruption.

«On our own component too, we make sure that when the management of legal justice is actualised, it'll cut down the amount of time it takes now to prosecute a case because under that law, I believe the maximum time allowed for adjournment is two.»

Nigerian marketing follow politics in Boko protection

This past year, the daily editorial discussion at Nigeriais Guardian newspapers may have stopped to take into account where inside pages to place an account regarding the Boko Haram invasion that was newest.

nigeria{{{These days|Nowadays|Today|As of late} {there is|there's} {no need to|you should not} {think|believe|feel|consider|assume}|{There is|There's} {no need to|you should Nigerian not} {think|believe|feel|consider|assume} {these days|nowadays|today|as of late}|{There is|There's} {no need to|you should not} {think|believe|feel|consider|assume}, {these days|nowadays|today|as of late}}. {Major|Main|Key|Significant|Important} raids {by|from} the {Islamist insurgents|insurgents|insurgents that are Islamist} {go|proceed|move|get} {{front|entrance|top} and {centre|center|middle|heart|hub}|{centre|center|middle|heart|hub} and {front|entrance|top}} {in|within|inside|while in} the {paper|document|papers|cardstock|report} — {and then|after which|and|then|and after that} {further|additional|more|additionally}, {generating|producing|creating|making|building} {comment|remark|opinion|review|thoughts} {pieces|items|parts|bits|portions} {looking at|taking a look at|considering} {every|each} {angle|position|perspective|viewpoint|direction} through Nigerian politics' prism.

{{As with|Just like|Much like} the {global|worldwide|international|world-wide} {press|push|media|click}, {coverage|protection|insurance} {has|offers|provides} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced} as {attacks|assaults|episodes|problems|strikes} {have|get|include} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced} {in recent months|recently|lately}|As {attacks|assaults|episodes|problems|strikes} {have|get|include} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced} {in recent months|recently|lately} Nigeria news {as with|just like|much like} the {global|worldwide|international|world-wide} {press|push|media|click}, {coverage|protection|insurance} {has|offers|provides} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced}|As {attacks|assaults|episodes|problems|strikes} {have|get|include} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced} {in recent months|recently|lately}, {as with|just like|much like} the {global|worldwide|international|world-wide} {press|push|media|click}, {coverage|protection|insurance} {has|offers|provides} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced}|{As with|Just like|Much like} Nigerian the {press|push|media|click} that was {global|worldwide|international|world-wide}, {coverage|protection|insurance} {has|offers|provides} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced} as {attacks|assaults|episodes|problems|strikes} {have|get|include} {increased|elevated|improved|greater|enhanced} {in recent months|recently|lately}}. "{We know|we all know|we realize} that before {we {go to bed|go to sleep|retire for the night}|bed is gone to by us} {there will|there'll} {almost|nearly|practically|virtually} {definitely|absolutely|positively|certainly|undoubtedly} {be|be considered|be described as|become} {a strike|a hit|a reach|an attack}."{We know|we all know|we realize} that before {we {go to bed|go to sleep|retire for the night}|bed is gone to by us} {there will|there'll} {almost|nearly|practically|virtually} {definitely|absolutely|positively|certainly|undoubtedly} {be|be considered|be described as|become} {a strike|a hit|a reach|an attack}." {{It is|It's} {breaking news|breakingnews|breaking-news} {all the time|constantly|on a regular basis|all-the-time}|{all the time|constantly|on a regular basis|all-the-time} is {breaking news|breakingnews|breaking-news}|{all the time|constantly|on a regular basis|all-the-time} is currently {breaking news|breakingnews|breaking-news}|{It is|It's} currently {breaking news|breakingnews|breaking-news} {all the time|constantly|on a regular basis|all-the-time}|{It is|It's} breaking {all the time|constantly|on a regular basis|all-the-time} to news},"{We know|we all know|we realize} that before {we {go to bed|go to sleep|retire for the night}|bed is gone to by us} {there will|there'll} {almost|nearly|practically|virtually} {definitely|absolutely|positively|certainly|undoubtedly} {be|be considered|be described as|become} {a strike|a hit|a reach|an attack}." {he|they} {added|included}.

{{Once|When|After} the revolt was {largely|mostly|mainly|generally|typically} {a matter|a} for {{the|that|your} {authorities|regulators|specialists|experts} of the northeast|the northeast's {authorities|regulators|specialists|experts}}. {But|However|Nevertheless} the {fighters|practitioners|competitors} {have|get|include} {{stepped up|stepped-up} the {violence|assault|abuse|hatred} {in recent months|recently|lately}|stepped the {violence|assault|abuse|hatred} {in recent months|recently|lately} up}, {launching|starting|introducing|establishing|releasing} {attacks|assaults|episodes|problems|strikes} {in|within|inside|while in} {the {central city|central-city} of Jos {and|as well as} in {Abuja, the {capital|administrative centre|main city}|Abuja}|the {central city|central-city} of Jos {and|as well as} in the {capital|administrative centre|main city}, Abuja|{Abuja, the {capital|administrative centre|main city}|Abuja} {and|as well as} in the {central city|central-city} of Jos|the {capital|administrative centre|main city}, Abuja {and|as well as} in the {central city|central-city} of Jos}.

{The {government|federal government|us government}{'s|is} {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion} to {declare|state|announce|assert|file} {states|says|declares|claims|suggests} of {emergency|crisis|disaster} and {launch|start|release|introduction} {a military|a} {offensive|unpleasant|bad|questionable} {in May|in-May} {last year|this past year|a year ago}|The {government|federal government|us government}{'s|is} {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion} to {declare|state|announce|assert|file} {states|says|declares|claims|suggests} of {emergency|crisis|disaster} {last year|this past year|a year ago} and {launch|start|release|introduction} {a military|a} {offensive|unpleasant|bad|questionable} {in May|in-May}|The {government|federal government|us government}{'s|is} {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion} to {declare|state|announce|assert|file} {states|says|declares|claims|suggests} of {emergency|crisis|disaster} {last year|this past year|a year ago}, and {launch|start|release|introduction} {a military|a} {offensive|unpleasant|bad|questionable} {in May|in-May}|The {government|federal government|us government}{'s|is} {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion} {launch|start|release|introduction} {a military|a} {offensive|unpleasant|bad|questionable} {in May|in-May} {last year|this past year|a year ago} and to {declare|state|announce|assert|file} {states|says|declares|claims|suggests} of {emergency|crisis|disaster}|The {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion} to {declare|state|announce|assert|file} {states|says|declares|claims|suggests} of {emergency|crisis|disaster} and {launch|start|release|introduction} {a military|a} {offensive|unpleasant|bad|questionable} {in May|in-May} {last year|this past year|a year ago} of the {government|federal government|us government}} {has|provides} {meant|intended|designed|supposed|recommended} {national|nationwide|countrywide} {agencies|companies|organizations|businesses|firms} {face|encounter|confront|experience} {harsh|severe|tough|unpleasant|hard} {scrutiny|analysis|examination|overview|critique} — {particularly|especially|specially|specifically|notably} after {their {failure|failing|disappointment|inability} to {rescue|save|recovery|relief|saving} {more than|over} 200 schoolgirls {abducted|kidnapped} in {April|May}|{April|May} was {abducted|kidnapped} in by their {failure|failing|disappointment|inability} to {rescue|save|recovery|relief|saving} {more than|over} 200 schoolgirls}.

{{The police|Law enforcement|The authorities}{'s|is} decision to {ban|prohibit|bar|exclude|suspend} {public|community} protests {over|within|on} the {girls|women|ladies|females} {in|within|inside|while in} the {capital|funds|money|cash} {last week|a week ago|the other day}, {and then|after which|and|then|and after that} {apparently|evidently|seemingly|obviously|unsurprisingly} {reverse|change|invert|opposite|slow} that {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion}|{The police|Law enforcement|The authorities}{'s|is} decision {apparently|evidently|seemingly|obviously|unsurprisingly} {reverse|change|invert|opposite|slow} that {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion}, {and then|after which|and|then|and after that} to {ban|prohibit|bar|exclude|suspend} {public|community} protests {over|within|on} the {girls|women|ladies|females} {in|within|inside|while in} the {capital|funds|money|cash} {last week|a week ago|the other day}|The decision to {ban|prohibit|bar|exclude|suspend} {public|community} protests {over|within|on} the {girls|women|ladies|females} {in|within|inside|while in} the {capital|funds|money|cash} {last week|a week ago|the other day}, {and then|after which|and|then|and after that} {apparently|evidently|seemingly|obviously|unsurprisingly} {reverse|change|invert|opposite|slow} that {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion} of {the police|law enforcement|the authorities}|{The police|Law enforcement|The authorities}{'s|is} decision then, and to {ban|prohibit|bar|exclude|suspend} {public|community} protests {over|within|on} the {girls|women|ladies|females} {in|within|inside|while in} the {capital|funds|money|cash} {last week|a week ago|the other day} {apparently|evidently|seemingly|obviously|unsurprisingly} {reverse|change|invert|opposite|slow} that {decision|choice|selection|determination|conclusion}}, {generated|produced|created|made|developed} a {three|several}-{column|line|order|ray|gleam} {editorial|content|article|periodical|column} {asking|inquiring|requesting|wondering} {if|when|in the event} the police {chief|key} {should|must} «be {allowed|permitted} to {function|perform|operate|purpose|functionality} in a democracy»be {allowed|permitted} to {function|perform|operate|purpose|functionality} in a democracy" {{Why is|Exactly Why Is|How Come} it that {whenever|anytime|when} {history|background|record|heritage} {furnishes|provides} our {{President|Leader} {with an|by having an|having an|with the|using an} {opportunity|chance|possibility} to roar,|President|Leader} {he|they} whimpers|{Why is|Exactly Why Is|How Come} it that {whenever|anytime|when} {history|background|record|heritage} {furnishes|provides} {an opportunity|a chance|a possibility} to roar to our {President|Leader}, {he|they} whimpers|{he|they} whimpers {Why is|Exactly Why Is|How Come} it that {whenever|anytime|when} {history|background|record|heritage} {furnishes|provides} {an opportunity|a chance|a possibility} to roar to our {President|Leader}|{he|they} whimpers, {Why is|Exactly Why Is|How Come} it that {whenever|anytime|when} {history|background|record|heritage} {furnishes|provides} {an opportunity|a chance|a possibility} to roar to our {President|Leader}},"{It's really|it is|this really is} {damaged|broken|ruined|harmed|destroyed} our {pride|satisfaction|delight|pleasure} to {find|locate|get|discover|seek out} {ourselves|ourself|yourself} {in|within} this {situation|scenario|circumstance|predicament|condition},

Taming The Nuisance Of Examination Malpractice In Nigeria

While they pay attention clutching a directory comprising some linens of paper with rapt interest, teenage boys and women are resting inside the faculty corridor in an average Nigerian examination center.

nigerian He is encased by additional girls and gents numbering about five who apparently are awaiting the center aged well-built guy to offer the goahead to start out the distribution of evaluation query paperwork and solution brochures. He clears his tonsils, going his fingertips to nobody in particular as if sound a to your recalcitrant child who declined to take his mother’s scolding, ‘If you prefer, go ahead and defraud raspypulp3962.wordpress.com within this exam!" They blunted out ‘Remember that whosoever is grabbed in examination malfeasance can confront 21 per year incarceration. It's the legislation.’ Within The masses of resting applicants waiting to consider the Senior High School Certificate Assessment (SSCE), somebody retorted, sarcastically «Na nowadays?» meaning that that risk was a brutum fulmen. As well as the others giggled while the check-up established that has been addressing the prospects attempts to withstand a grimace.
This is actually ceremony's kind that always precedes exams. Evaluation authorities, invigilators, college experts as the circumstance possibly, drone the hearing of candidates using sermons against exam malfeasance. All the time, individuals take notice, except causing laughing and infrequent aspect discussions. Since the assessment releases, candidates have emerged generating frenzied attempts to outsmart one another within the examination malpractice that uses, on many occasions, the administrators received simply done sermonizing sadly participates while in the malpractice's easy flow.
Assessment negligence in Nigeria has attained a distressing amount, it is superior. No fruit has been gave by work by govt government and stakeholders within the academic market to reduce the unappealing tendency.
It's saddening to see that invigilators, government functionaries exam systems and pupils most take part in the iniquitous quiz negligence. This short article may nonetheless concentrate on quiz malfeasance in the high school qualification tests.
We could scale to some degree from the provide trend if steps that are major aren't taken fully to checkmate the tendency that examination malpractice will entirely demolish the caliber of training. The intractable dynamics of assessment malfeasance has led to high turnover of half-baked graduates by establishments of learning that was higher.
Obviously appalled by the spate of examination malfeasance, the Nigerian Combined Entrance and Matriculation Panel (JAMB), in 2001, unveiled modifications in question numerations from prospects to prospects sitting for the same matriculation examination. Candidates’ effectiveness in JAMB exam was inadequate, that year. However it didn't consider really miss the syndicates to devise another way to defeat JAMB’s creativity and that, without gainsaying, was using the efficient venture of officers.
Quiz malpractice has extended finished from the usual ‘gyraffing’ at neighbors’ perform, using tips records or textbooks or replicating on bedding of forms called ‘microchips’, or duplication on workstations also called ‘desktop publishing’, etc., to some more complex and more arranged process of buying question from exam physiques or tainted lender officials trusted using the safekeeping of the evaluation question papers. Furthermore syndicates have been in a position to arrange ‘special’ centres due to their applicants that were ‘special’ they enrollment for malpractice's easy-flow for that test with all the connivance of assessment body. These MAGIC facilities enjoy the patronage of several infected institution managers and exam officers.
These syndicates have made as mercenaries abound to impersonate the applicants without necessarily entering the examination corridor it quite simple for somebody to obtain a Senior High School Certification of Schooling document. This trend provides, regretfully, crept into overseas prepared tests like the Uk as well as the National financed examinations (Town and Guilds, SITTING, TOEFL, etc) sorted in Nigeria. These syndicates have created mindboggling way of impersonating over these exams. The Nigerian SSCE is worse struck by this risk.
That's the main reason numerous learners refuse to take SSCE inside the faculty they visited alternatively they become exterior applicants in another institution in order to perpetrate assessment malfeasance where they pay excessive charge. Charge billed applicants «cooperation fees», regarding examination negligence has been tagged by many universities. The very best reason learners give for changing their faculties is the fact that go exams are don’ted by students there therefore they go to some area wherever their ‘success’ is guaranteed.
The problem that is dazzling is whether examiners go candidates about the middle an exam was written's schedule. Small question over 50PERCENT increase in SSCE enrolment is documented in such heart (universities).
Invigilators, assessment officials ministry of education personnel who have been satisfied in the account let negligence to be on without hitches. It is merely these centers that may not spend the cohesiveness charge that exam systems give advertising publicity when a couple of candidates are sadly trapped in malfeasance.
Most universities that are personal, or even most, spend huge quantities of dollars, which learners contribute to assistance price deposit to mentor exam malfeasance as a way to preserve a high functionality in certification tests, often they file as higher as 100PERCENT quiz achievement.
Latest stats show that Zamfara State directly followed closely by Abia Condition using 41.71PERCENT and shirts the set of examination negligence.
The National Consultative Committee on Knowledge (NCCE) used a gathering in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Funds recently also it was visited by stakeholders within the segment that was academic. At the meeting, the former reverend regarding Training, Prof. Fabian Osuji, who had been lately dismissed by the Nigerian president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo regarding allegedly involving in an Offer scandal that equally stated the office of the Nigerian Senate Leader, Adolphus Wabara, stated that henceforth, colleges required evaluation malfeasance of any size is going to be derecognized and prohibited from applying individuals for any public evaluation regarding 36 months. Great talk backed with resultant levity! Many of directives that were such have already been written by the Federal Government previously of insufficient sincerity of goal possibly because without any influence. They simply blow warm and cold at the same time as defaulting schools get more acknowledgement as secret locations regarding exam achievements thus grinning from enhanced enrollment for the banks. No-one has been endorsed save regarding n't-cooperating faculties.
How has such a gargantuan percentage been gained by quiz negligence inside our culture? Document issued by exam body.
It's indisputable that examination malpractice grows in a damaged society which shows it is a of the society. It is inside the cobwebs of the people therefore it can just only be undertaken within the people's head.
All of the brokers of socialization must engage definitely in arising the hideous predicament, to fight successfully this war against examination malpractice. Their youngsters and wards should deliberately decrease by ending the loans of quiz malfeasance regarding them. Motivate the youngsters and infirmary to examine tougher.
Evaluation systems like NECO NABTEB should fully dissociate themselves stop concession postings and form routines of malpractice syndicates. Assessment malpractices' bad range should bust by centralizing publishing of individuals to exam locations and conference suitable sanctions or abuse on offenders without fear of violence or prefer.
School authorities, invigilators, police staff along with other assessment officials should really be placed under security since they are main stakeholders in the business of assessment malpractice. Remuneration regarding invigilators and examination managers must be evaluated and remuneration that was such ought to be quickly paid from being tempted to include inside the rather rewarding ‘business’ of assessment malpractice, to stop these.
Its own businesses and authorities should henceforth stop handling cases of evaluation malfeasance having kid-gloves. Cattle that are holy should not be recognized by the law. Anybody caught cheating should be designed to experience the songs of regardless of standing or associations.
Saintmoses Eromosele
2348053147770, 447045773194.

What Is The Special About Concerts In Nigeria?

Nigeria is unrivalled in Africa regarding cultural output. From tribal, folk topop and hip-hop, the coastal African country boasts hosting an eclectic selection of quality music scenes across its region. Thanks towards the growing cosmopolitan combination of people living here, now Nigeria is said being the place to find many internationally known musicians. The first way of music here was Juju music which used to get Nigerias favorite pop genre,then it took to Highlife which turned out being the dancehall music for your people, followed by traditional pop and apala, fuji, waka, felakuti and afro-beat.

nigeriaLater came a period when reggae took over as face of Nigerian music since Bob Marley conquered the entire world inside 1970s.Several international reggae artists have toured the united states over time. Notable names include Snoop Dog, now called as Snoop Lion, who entertained everyone else recently together with his pop-mixed reggae beats. Other popular names within the reggae scene for example Wiz Kalifa, Sean Kingston, and Jay Z often perform in Nigeria much to the excitement of the music aficionados here. Upcoming reggae concerts include performance by SizzlaKalonji that has is inspired by some with the popular names in the reggae scene such as2face, Burna Boy and, General Pype.

People interact with others through music. Rhythms, melodies and beats can be a universal language that belongs to them.So if ever you're in Nigeria, the songs from the land is one thing you should try not to miss. Concerts in Nigeria are pretty frequent and constantly turn out being record breakers. There is always some concert happening in a few place in Nigeria. They are often entertaining and try to a great location to meet people and bond making new memories. In fact the music scene in Nigeria has evolved to greater heights as now-a-days you will find several budding artists from Nigeria such as MsJaie, Weird MC, Sasha P and Eva collaborating with international names. Few such notable events in Nigeria include Divas Concert, featuring American artists Salt-N-Pepa. The show also included collaboration with a few in the popular names within the Nigerian music industry and was appreciated by the crowd. With several popular artists arranged to rock happens in 2010, there exists really no dearth ofentertainment for music aficionadosin Nigeria.
Some with the biggest musical concerts in Nigeria lately:
1.Colorful World Of More
2.Star Mega Jam
3.Sisters With Soul Concert
4.Koko Concert
5.Love Like A Movie
The bigger the concert, the bigger the crowd. Doesnt always mean they may be great. You can even find great music within the strangest of places. There are evenvillages that sometimes have small kinds of music festivals or concerts which turn out to get real entertainment.

You can still keep track of the concerts and fests occurring in Nigeria on the internet, which basically provides with much information concerning the event. You can also make bookings for that tickets upfront in case they get out of stock which often happens, since everyone in Nigeria is really of the music buff.
Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people that differ on everything and anything else might have in common.
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Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 0813 156 1560

Nigerian Con - Advance-Fee Fraud

nigeriaOnce you present the fascination with it this Nigerian fraud escalates rapidly. Let's make it clear with the instance.

Suppose that you have gotten a buy get for the item of your company's. Nonetheless, deliberately, the initial buy defintely won't be huge; a taste obtain which will be paid having a phony bank card or even a write will be usually started off using by the fraudsters. These pretend importers may attraction you, stating that they will place a big buy quickly. Striving at the massive order, you will mail them the taste. After several nights, you'll acquire an email stating your test has-been accredited forsale and all you have to-do will be to ship 500 U.S. money (occasionally a lot more) to acquire you documented to business your products within their place. Slipping into lure you will deliver the cash for registration furthermore. However, you will not obtain any volume order afterwards, and you won't be capable of contact the importers also. Simply, your hard earned money is gone!

{{However|Nevertheless|But|Nonetheless}, {this Nigerian|this} {scam|fraud|con} {can|could|may|might} be {avoided|prevented|averted|eliminated} {easily|effortlessly|quickly|simply}. {{Credit|Charge|Bank} cards and {demand|need|desire|requirement|require} {drafts|breezes}|{Demand|Need|Desire|Requirement|Require} {drafts|breezes} and {credit|charge|bank} cards} from {{Nigeria, {Togo|To-Go}|Togo|To-Go},|Nigeria} {Cameroon, Benin,|Cameroon} {Senegal, Ivory|Senegal} {Coast and Ghana|Coast|Ghana and Coast} {can|could|may|might} be {avoided|prevented|averted|eliminated}. {{Ship|Deliver|Dispatch|Vessel|Send} {the goods|the products|items} {only|just|simply|solely} after {receiving|getting|obtaining|acquiring|having} the {money|cash|amount of money} {in|inside|within} your {account|accounts|consideration|bill}, {which you|that you|that you simply} {can|may|could} withdraw|After {receiving|getting|obtaining|acquiring|having} the {money|cash|amount of money} {in|inside|within} your {account|accounts|consideration|bill}, {which you|that you|that you simply} {can|may|could} withdraw {ship|deliver|dispatch|vessel|send} {the goods|the products|items} {only|just|simply|solely}|After {receiving|getting|obtaining|acquiring|having} the {money|cash|amount of money} {in|inside|within} your {account|accounts|consideration|bill}, {which you|that you|that you simply} {can|may|could} withdraw, {ship|deliver|dispatch|vessel|send} {the goods|the products|items} {only|just|simply|solely}}. {{In addition|Additionally|Furthermore|Moreover}, {keep in mind|bear in mind|remember|take into account}|In mind, keep {in addition|additionally|furthermore|moreover}} {that it {takes|requires|will take} {up to|as much as|up-to|upto|around} {three|several} {weeks|months|days} to {clear|obvious|apparent|distinct} {an International|A Global|A Worldwide} {deposit|downpayment}.|.} {{Even|Actually|Also|Perhaps|Possibly} your {bank|lender} {should|must} {confirm|verify|validate|affirm|ensure} it {in writing|written down|on paper}|{In writing|Written down|On paper}, {even|actually|also|perhaps|possibly} your {bank|lender} {should|must} {confirm|verify|validate|affirm|ensure} it|{Even|Actually|Also|Perhaps|Possibly} it should be confirmed by your {bank|lender} {in writing|written down|on paper}|{In writing|Written down|On paper} {even|actually|also|perhaps|possibly} your {bank|lender} {should|must} {confirm|verify|validate|affirm|ensure} it|{In writing|Written down|On paper}, ashmore.csail.mit.edu {even|actually|also|perhaps|possibly} it should be confirmed by your {bank|lender}}.

{Moreover|Furthermore|Additionally}, {this Nigerian|this} {scam|fraud|con} is {often|usually|frequently} {dangerous|harmful|hazardous|unsafe|risky|not safe} {physically|bodily|actually|literally} {too|also}. {Wondering|Questioning|Thinking} how? {In some cases|In some instances|Sometimes} {you will|you'll} be {asked|requested|questioned|inquired|expected} to {{travel|go|journey} to Nigeria|travel|go|journey} to {complete|accomplish|perform} {a transaction|a|a}. {You will|You'll} {also|even} be {told|informed|advised|instructed} that {no|number|zero} {visa|credit|charge|mastercard} {is required to|is needed to|must} enter the {country|nation|united states}. " {Entering Nigeria|Nigeria} {without a|with no|with out a} {{valid|legitimate|appropriate|good|logical} {visa|credit|charge|mastercard}|{visa|credit|charge|mastercard} that is {valid|legitimate|appropriate|good|logical}} {is|is just|is really|can be|is actually} {a {serious|severe|significant|considerable} {offense|crime|wrongdoing}|{an offense|a crime|a wrongdoing} that is {serious|severe|significant|considerable}}.

International Shipping to Nigeria - Significant Regulations and Methods Rules regarding Beach Delivery

nigerianNigeria, or Nigeria's Government Republic, consists of 36 diverse states, the Federal Capital Property, together with Abuja. Based on the European shore of Africa, Nigeria region Cameroon, Chad, Niger along with the Republic of Benin. The nationis biggest town is Lagos using a population of about 8 million, followed closely by Kano.
If you need worldwide delivery there are a few essential documents you need to have to be able. The following will be needed by you to Nigeria before international shipping:
In case you are planning on delivery to Nigeria, there are certainly a number of diverse shipping locations in the united states. Coast rivers that are Nigerian are Guinea's Beach and also the Ocean Seashore. A number of the shipment jacks in Nigeria are the Interface Harcourt, Vent of Onne, Slot of Pennington the Port of Apapa and the Port of Calabar.
Passport (first)
Work Permit (if applicable)
Residence Permit
Certification of Residence Change
Sort Purchase 48
Delivery Supply (in English)
PUBD Sort must certanly be completed after buyer comes in Nigeria
{{Letter|Notice|Correspondence|Page|Notification} authorizing {Destination|Location} {Agent|Broker|Realtor|Adviser|Representative} to clear {shipment|cargo|delivery|shipping|transport}
{{When|Whenever|While} {shipping|delivery|transport|shipment} to Nigeria, your {cargo|freight|shipment|products|packages} {will|is likely to|will soon|is going to|will undoubtedly} be {inspected|scrutinized|examined} {during|throughout|through} the customs {clearance|approval} {process|procedure|method|approach}|Your {cargo|freight|shipment|products|packages} {will|is likely to|will soon|is going to|will undoubtedly} be {inspected|scrutinized|examined} {during|throughout|through} the customs {clearance|approval} {process|procedure|method|approach} {when|whenever|while} {shipping|delivery|transport|shipment} to Nigeria|Your {cargo|freight|shipment|products|packages} {will|is likely to|will soon|is going to|will undoubtedly} be {inspected|scrutinized|examined} {during|throughout|through} the customs {clearance|approval} {process|procedure|method|approach}, {when|whenever|while} {shipping|delivery|transport|shipment} to Nigeria}. {You {should|need to|ought to|must} {plan|intend|want} to {be present|show up|be there} {for|regarding} {customs|methods} {clearance|settlement|approval} {if you are|if you should be|if you're|in case you are|should you be} {shipping|delivery|transport|shipment} to Nigeria|{If you are|If you should be|If you're|In case you are|Should you be} {shipping|delivery|transport|shipment} to Nigeria, you {should|need to|ought to|must} {plan|intend|want} to {be present|show up|be there} {for|regarding} {customs|methods} {clearance|settlement|approval}|{If you are|If you should be|If you're|In case you are|Should you be} {shipping|delivery|transport|shipment} to Nigeria you {should|need to|ought to|must} {plan|intend|want} to {be present|show up|be there} {for|regarding} {customs|methods} {clearance|settlement|approval}|You {should|need to|ought to|must} {plan|intend|want} to not be past {for|regarding} {customs|methods} {clearance|settlement|approval} {if you are|if you should be|if you're|in case you are|should you be} {shipping|delivery|transport|shipment} to Nigeria}. {In addition|Additionally|Furthermore|Moreover}, {you will|you'll} {need to|need certainly to|have to|need-to|must} {obtain|get yourself|have} {a personal|an individual|a private|a personalized|a particular} {bank account|banking account|bankaccount|bank-account} {while in|during|whilst in} Nigeria {in order to|to be able to|so that you can|as a way to} {apply|make an application|submit an application} for {required|needed|necessary|essential|expected} {Form|Type|Kind|Sort|Variety}

Nigerian Companies Desire More Reit Glides On Nse

More Shareholders Prepared To Share Their Resources in REITs

Agents have advised companies detailed about the Nigerian Stock Market (NSE) to consider the fast-building real estate investment confidence (REIT) sector, and in specific REIT stock exchange flotation, having a growing variety of people in the west African nation now willing to share their money in listed REITs.

The chairman of the Connection of Stockbroking Properties (ASHON), Emeka Madubuike, produced the phone call at the Nigerian Stock Exchange yesterday (January 27) during UACN Property Development Company Plc's (UPDC) demonstration of HAFacts Behind the Offer' according of its awaiting start of a NGN30 thousand (124 mil) investment trust.

According to Madubuike, stated real estate investment trusts provide shareholders together with the opportunity to INCHESbroaden their assets having several finance professionals seeking substitute expenditure alternatives after the 2008 downturn attack classic financial markets," outside stocks. They added: «We thus, encourage organizations to return having option opportunities for shareholders available in the market.» Madubuike likewise noted that UPDC's owning a home trust start was the primary Preliminary Public Offering (IPO) to come calmly to Nigeria's stock market in recent times.

Call-in Point using UPDC's REIT Goal

Whilst delivering the tale behind the flow of UPDC REIT, their managing representative and leader, Hakeem Ogunniran, distributed that the «the primary goal of the REIT is always to offer unit holders having steady money distributions from ventures in Nigeria a diverse collection of income-producing property properties and also to increase and maximise unit value through the continued management of the REIT's property, upcoming acquisition along with the advancement of additional income-creating real estate properties.»

Mr Ogunniran additionally unveiled that to enhance appropriate corporate governance and guarantee investments' security, UACN Property Organization has built an expense committee whose activity would be to provide suitable procedures and assistance for finance managers according of the offer. Approaching companies in Lagos through the business's speech recently, Ogunniran described that UPDC chose to remain a group attention-case to make sure that it does not possess unwarranted effect within the REIT after detailed. In line with the bossis record, together with the leftover sixty % being in public palms, UPDC hopes to keep forty percent of the actual property investment trust.

Challenges of Single Teenage Mothers in Nigeria - Yahoo Voices - voices.yahoo.com

Being just one mother in Nigeria is bad enough being an unmarried teenage mother is worse. Every Nigerian parent's nightmare is usually to offer an unwed daughter at 30 and above, but exactly what can drive them totally crazy is, when their teenage daughter (still in secondary school) comes home and announces that she is pregnant and she or he cannot say precisely who the dad from the child is.
Many Nigerians have disowned pregnant teenage daughters (that are daughters that know the daddy of these child!). Nigerians don't especially like being gossiped about, they'll rather gossip about someone than have people gossip about them. Having an unwed thirty year old daughter is one area neighbours would enjoy gossiping about, but developing a teenage pregnant daughter? You will not only be gossiped about, your pregnant daughter could be the butt of each pregnant joke!
These are some with the challenges teenage mothers face in Nigeria
Teenage mothers tend to be socially ostracized, because every parent within the neighbourhood will tag a teenage mother as «bad news.» Some parents will warn their daughters and sons to guide away from that «ashewo (prostitute)» since they fear that their kids could be corrupted by the immoral methods for a teenage mother.
Teenage mothers are often not respected by men, because most Nigerian men feel that anyone who is silly enough to get pregnant in their teens has to be sexually loose, stupid and ill bred. They would always see you as a technique of sexually gratifying themselves and wouldn't normally offer a second thought about you when they've satisfied their urge.
Teenage mothers in many cases are judge by the society; they perceive her as not serious, careless and an immoral person. They would often aim mean spirited gossip at teenage mothers as well as their parents. They would bad-mouth her person to perform strangers or interested suitors. If any man shows curiosity about wooing her (especially when she is in her own 20's), a lot of people will discourage the person and simply tell him such things as «do you understand she had an infant in her own teens? No one knows who the father from the baby is. Please browse around, as there are other decent girls in the community»
Single teenage mothers never live down their mistake, as there is always someone somewhere reminding them of the items they did of their past.
Some teenage girls are not in a position to finish their education because some parents will claim that the girl should stay back and raise her child (it's mess, fix it!).
Most Nigerians are quite conservative; the society believes that it is parent's duty to guard the female child from defilement, of course, if your daughter gets pregnant without having to be married, you've got failed inside your duty as being a responsible parent(s).
There are some times when young children deny the paternity of their unborn babies, they accuse your ex of sleeping around and many people believe them because conservative Nigerians believe that no decent secondary school girl needs to be having sexual intercourse inside first place.