Shocking corruption reports coming, says govt

Ritics of the Muhammadu Buhari government's anti-corruption crusade yesterday got a response — blackmail or no intimidation will halt the war.

Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed said Nigerians needs to be ready for more mind boggling disclosures in the 2015 and 2014 report, which will be not yet been released.

Mohammed raised the alarm that treasury looters had resorted to fighting back, using various means.

However he assured the country that the administration isn't going to give in to their own distractions.

The authorities, he said, has achieved what it set out to reach, which is to sensitise Nigerians to the evil of corruption.

He explained: «Well, I will let you know today that corruption is already fighting back, which is fighting hard and dirty. Sponsored posts have begun appearing in the newspapers and in the social media while 'Talking Heads' have started making the rounds in the electronic media deriding the fight against corruption as good as this Administration. Not stopping there, they've been creating distractions by sponsoring posts label the President a budding fascist to deride the Government's policies typically and also write off his 2016 budget. We know the only objective of these assaults is to distract attention in the war on corruption.

»It is saddening that some otherwise credible voices have unwittingly let themselves to be railroaded to the bandwagon of pro-corruption orchestra. They engage in sophistry to attempt to muster Nigerians against the anti-corruption battle. One hack writer even said the disclosure that 55 Nigerians allegedly stole N1.34 trillion between 2006 and 2013 failed to trigger any fury among Nigerians! A disclosure that made the front page in more than a dozen Aggregated Nigerian News Site papers, played broadly in the international media and brought the attention of the world's most effective nation and world-wide financial institutions are unable to be dismissed with a wave of the hand.

«Additionally, one of individuals who gained from the Dasukigate even had the temerity to deride the anti-corruption war as 'selective', when in saner climes he should happen to be so ashamed of himself that he would have apologised to the nation and hunkered down...for good. These sponsored attacks are not about to cease. In the days ahead, they will be much more extreme and much more organized the truth is. But the great news is the fact that we are winning the war. Nigerians are now talking about corruption. Nigerians are actually counting the cost of corruption for their lives.

»We call on Nigerians to not be taken in by the antics of the sponsored denunciation of the anti-graft war. The treasury looters, who've so much resources in their own kitty, as well as their cohorts will throw everything but the kitchen sink only at that Government, But we don't have any doubt that Nigerians are discerning enough to know the truth which, in the words of President Muhammadu Buhari, is that unless Nigeria kills corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria.

«This Government will neither be distracted nor intimidated by anyone into giving up or weakening the struggle against corruption, which will be a war of survival for our state. The fight will not be stopped by any quantity of media or other assaults. The pseudo-analyzers and hack writers will labour in vain in heir quest to stop the train of the anti-corruption fight.»

The minister said the info on corruption was meant to sensitise the country on the evil of corruption.

«Let me restate, for emphasis, that when we give instances of mind-boggling acts of corruption, our objective isn't to vilify anyone but to sensitise Nigerians as to how harmful corruption is to the country and also the folks. The truth is that what we now have revealed so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Nigerians should stay tuned for more shocking revelations in the days ahead.»

The minister said the information he supplied to know if it was authentic or not should be investigated by them, for those questioning the claims.

«Let us talk more regarding the price of corruption. Have you ever seen that whereas the national budget in Nigeria has grown from just over N900 billion in 1999 to finished N6 trillion in 2016, poverty has additionally increased nearly by the same proportion? The reason is not far fetched: Appropriated funds have mostly ended up in the pockets of a few looters.»

He added: «Do you realize that what's so far been revealed as per taking in the Dasukigate is about N54.8billion Whereas, in the entire 2015 all the zonal intervention act cost N52 billion. This really is the cost of corruption for you personally.

The final result is that the roads will not be constructed and the people suffer as well as die in road accidents that are avoidable, when the cash meant to assemble roads is looted. When the cash designed to provide electricity is looted, we all are perpetually sentenced to darkness. When a few pocket the cash meant for healthcare, we are not able to reduce infant and maternal mortality. All these really are the costs of corruption. Let us not only talk about corruption in the abstract, let us be counting its price to our lives in order to drive home the point that corruption should be tackled decisively for Nigerians to feel the effect of governing.»

Mohammed spoke of two courts of corruption — the court of public opinion and the court of law. «The court of public opinion is also as important as the court of law,» he said.

On the aspects he gave on alleged treasury looters didn't include 1999-2005, he clarified that only intervals were covered by the compilation when the anti-corruption law became fully operational and that was around 2006.

The minister said by Muhammadu Buhari the time the details of 2015 and 2014 are released, the country will likely be shocked.

His words: «When we make subsequent disclosures, you'll be more shocked than you are now.»

The government was criticized for trampling on the rights of accused people or disobeying court orders. Mohammed disagreed.

He explained: «What are we even talking about? Is the human right of the 55 individuals more important than human rights of 170 Nigerians? But again, I want to make it clear that we usually do not disobey court orders».

When prodded to supply information on the 55 persons, he said the easiest way is to attend the EFCC or the court to find out who they're as they all have one pending case or the other in the court bordering on corruption.

He also decried the scenario where it takes about seven or more years to prosecute the «so called strong» individuals.

On the function of the judiciary in the fight against corruption, the minister reiterated his earlier appeal that both Bench and the Bar should begin to see the struggle as a national effort.

He said " and I can guarantee you that we have made a demonstration And Also the judiciary is willing and ready to collaborate with us. So we realize that judiciary is vital, and we are reaching out to them, we are appealing to realize that there are several structural reforms that need to take place and they are being worked to by us.

«On our own part too, we make sure when the administration of legal justice is actualised, it'll reduce the period of time it takes now to prosecute a case because under that law, I believe the maximum time allowed for adjournment is two.»

Nigerians Misunderstood APC's Change Mantra

THE Minister of Culture and Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, yesterday said that Nigerians mostly misunderstood the Change mantra with which his party campaigned and won the 2015 presidential election.

Speaking in a stakeholders' meeting with the Executive Council of the Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVAN), Mohammed stated that though the party campaigned using change mantra, it's been taken by Nigerians to mean that just as Buhari was Nigerian Newspapers Today Vanguard sworn in, the following day, things would change totally in Nigeria.

«Yes, we know exactly what the ills are; corruption, indiscipline… but it is not limited to folks on top. Each one of us has a function to play,» he said.

The minster preserved that Nigerians must comprehend that things tend not to happen like that as the nation cannot continue to be doing things the exact same manner and expect a different outcome.

According to him, it's the motive the Buhari-headed government is coming up with the 'Change Starts with You Campaign'.

«The malaise crippling the fabric of the society nowadays, 'everybody is guilty,» he noted.

The Minister noted that the average Nigerian, given the slightest chance, would cheat, noting that corruption reductions in the country across age, professions and sex.

«Nigeria cannot satisfactorily account for the lives that were lost just because some pharmacists decided to adulterate drugs. We can't quantify exactly how many lives we've lost because of the danfo motorists that wake up each morning before hitting the road to drink paraga. The majority of the traffic bottleneck in Nigeria today is due to indiscipline,» he said.

In moving forward, he solicited for Nigeria the partnership of members of ADVAN, particularly in implementing a number of its own campaign and election promises to Nigeria, to which the President of ADVAN, Mr. David Okeme, pledged its members unalloyed support.

In his answer, Okeme promised because businesses want a great state to boom, that his members would support government efforts.

«It's in the greatest interest of company to ensure things are working nicely for the indices to be looking up,» he said.

He however, advised the government to duplicate several of the models being deployed by corporate businesses particularly in the area of behavioral change.

Getting Admission into Nigeria University

nigeriaNigeria, as being a country includes a population of over 160 million. In Africa, Nigeria contains the highest population which is being considered as the giant of Africa. With this huge population, a lot more than 50% from the citizen stops their education at primary and secondary school level. Many of these people desire to further their education around tertiary school but on account of one circumstance or perhaps the other, they were not able to do so. Getting admission into any of the Nigerian University is not as easy as one thinks.

There are variety of condition one needs to meet one which just receive admission. Some of the conditions include

1)Good WASSCE / NECO Results: that you should be giving admission in the any of Nigerian tertiary institution, you must have obtained at less 5 credit passes in almost any subjects which must include English and Mathematics. In Nigeria there's 2 different bodies that normally organize O level examination. They are West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination and National Examination Council. On with the dependence on getting admission in the university is the applicant must possess at less 5 credit either in WASSCE or NECO with a maximum of 2 sittings. What this means is that you could combine at most 2 comes from a similar O level body.

2)Good Jamb Result: For over (20) 20 years now, Jamb has been around existence. JAMB is short for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. For you to get admission, you have to enroll for JAMB Examination.

JAMB Examination is normally schedule once every year and you'll want to score at the very least 180 inside your examination before any school will consider you for admission.

3)PUME: This means Post University and Matriculation Examination. This is another exams you should pass one which just be regarded as for admission. This examination has organized by each school to filter school determined by their particular standard. Before you can exam, they must have score at the very least 180 in JAMB. Now base on the performance in PUME, you will be provided with admission to study inside school.

On one other hand some universities offer 2 year diploma program. You can use your diploma certificate to get admission into the university. Instead of beginning with year one, the individual will become from year two.

As you will see, getting admission into Nigeria Universities is not that easy. One needs to be serious and this will do a lot to help anyone to improve Jobs in Nigeria when the first is through together with his or her studies.

Studying in Nigeria University is additionally not too easy. You may not compare it with studying aboard. Here in Nigeria, the majority of things are performed theoretically. That's why many people prefers studying aboard where it is all totally practical driven.

In conclusion, if you are intending to school in some of Nigerian school, you have to get ready, and brilliant. More also, you need some finical backup because studying throughout not free.

Southwest Regional Economic Integration Not Complete Without Lagos

nigeriaConcerned individuals from the Southwest are still responding to the recent entry of Lagos State into the regional business outfit, Oodua Investment Group. While many said the action would drive the socio economic integration of the area, others are of the opinion that with all the inclusion of Lagos, the dream supporting the investment company has just come true, as the group was never Lagos state whole without the state.

Special Adviser to Governor of Lagos State on overseas affairs and investment, (Lagos Global), Professor Abass Adewole said it took a while for Lagos to join the group because it used to be the Federal capital territory (FCT), so it could not be seen as a Yoruba state until the FCT was moved to Abuja. Additionally, it wasn't a priority for preceding governments.

Many have welcomed the idea with great excitement. Some believe Oodu'a is finally complete with the inclusion of Lagos State. It is seen by others as a mutually beneficial relationship.

«The admission of Lagos into the group is not only a promotion for the state, but also the completion of Oodu'a itself. I'm joyful that Lagos has finally joined the Oodu'a group, which can now say it is whole. Using a population of about 22million individuals, and N136b GDP, and the reality that 95 percent of foreign direct investment (FDI) comes to Lagos, the state is anticipated to be a heart. We're expecting that other Southwest states can begin thinking of regional infrastructural development. Like it is completed in Europe and a few other countries, there is need for regional transportation system between member states. And today the circle is finished, it's going to make things simpler. Additionally, there's demand to get a central educational system in even health infrastructure and the region, which will become more easy to create. The benefits are enormous; states will even have the capacity to latch to their development ability, because of the drive and agenda for several members of the area,» he said.

For the Director General of Development Agenda for Western Nigeria Commission (MORNING), Mr. Oladipo Famakinwa, synergy for improvement is significant for Oodua states, notably in terms of economies of scale and investment.

«Lagos will come on board to synergize and fortify what's on ground to improve the firm's fortunes. The dynamics of state building is one of the reasons why it took so long for it to happen. Some things occur early, but others happen after because it takes force of character consultation and political will for this to happen. DAYBREAK is a programme management body for the actualisation of regional integration agenda.

Chairman of Oodu'a Group, Dr. Isaac Akintade, said the listing of Lagos in Oodua Group comes with huge prospects for all the parties involved.

nigeriaAccording to him, there is a whole lot to get in terms of economy, culture, social interactions and strategic partnership among others.

Akintade clarified that evaluation of assets to decide the new shareholding structure procedure and the worth is continuing.

»What we are now doing is to evaluate all Oodu'an assets to ascertain the overall value. It is going to be with what Lagos brought into it, which will be shared evenly divided evenly. Economically, we've got numerous investments in Lagos, and it's also likely to form economic bloc since there are a lot of things we can do together for combined regional development," he said.

The group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Oodua Investment group, Mr. Adewale Raji, said Oodua investment group wasn't a whole thing because of Lagos State's absence, which he said was once in the group up till the development of states in 1967, noting that its entrance was merely a repeat of history.

«Taking a step back into history, what currently is geographically called Lagos State was all part of Western Region, before the creation of States in 1967. Subsequently, Western Region started from Jibowu, Yaba and comprises all of that which we realize as old Ikeja, Epe and Ikorodu Sections. The truth is the entire Ikeja Industrial Estates around Oba Akran Avenue, Adeniyi Jones and Ogba were developments of the then Western Region government in their geographical jurisdiction. In essence, the rejoining of Lagos State and accepting them it back into Oodua Group is clearly a repeat of history,» he said.

On the anticipated impact of Lagos in the group, he said, «We look forward to great changes with Lagos State joining Oodua. The scale of synergy that individuals mean to reach is geometric rather than arithmetic. Our membership can be six from five and the expectations of stakeholders and the owner states are that we are not seeking an economic and societal effect of six, but that of 20 and much more. Extensive complementarities of the six states are anticipated. The commercial and fiscal muscles of Lagos will Nigerian strengthen Oodua Group to play optimally on scale and a regional basis. Lagos will bring increased ability and possibly added drive and vigour to the Group.

»Lagos is the commercial heart of Nigeria and its own membership of Oodua Group allows us to take regional integration as the basis of our strategic thrust. In our strategic planning, the whole South West region as well as the comparative advantages of its constituent states will be predominant. Lagos, with economic foundation that is vibrant and its enormous population, needs support of the whole area in several crucial areas, particularly the adjoining states for complimentary infrastructural development on transport, housing, food supply, etc. Basically, you can find mutual gains accruing to Lagos and other Oodua states with this particular development."

On the probability of forming a regional economic block, using Oodua group, Raji said there would be emergence of a regional economic block, as an effect of the approval of Lagos into the group, including that economic development would be hastened with sustainable impact.

Oodu'an Investment Company Limited, also understood, as Oodu'a Group is a conglomerate with diversified subsidiaries, which include Cocoa Industries Limited in Ikeja, Epe Plywood Industries Limited and Oodu'a Print and publishing Co. Ltd. The Group holds positions in Nigerite Ltd. and Lafarge Cement WAPCO Plc. Oodu'a Group can be a player in the hospitality industry in Nigeria with hotels such as Premier, Lagos Airport Hotel Ikeja and Lafia Resorts both in Ibadan among others.

My Vacation In Nigeria

I have just returned from vacation in Nigeria, the most populous African nation. Nigeria is the largest oil producer of African. Apart from the oil, Nigeria is also blessed with very good weather. The weather is so good that it is likely all year round, to farm. The weather potential is really enormous that if exploited, all of the food it needs for local consumption and also for export could be produced by Nigeria. The positioned on the world in Nigeria makes it possible to possess just twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night. This remains the same round. The solar energy that is plentiful has the capacity to light up the whole nation and also power other industrial equipments. I couldn't but respect this populous nation using its natural endowment.

nigerianAs I sat down in the balcony of my house I loved my interaction as mild wind gently caressed past my body in continuous rhythm. The evening sky was quite bright as I could make out the contours of the twinkling stars. I began to think back in the United Kingdom, the most recent time that I sat in the open weather with no top but only my boxer trousers. When I went swimming in an indoor pool, that was recently. I lightly looked down into the paper within my hand, as the heavens was admired by me. Most of the pages were talking about politics as Nigeria was only preparing to go into general election for the political leaders. Nigerian politics has come of age to say the least. Politics is a very profitable job in Nigeria. It is commonly said a Nigerian lawmaker brings in about twice the salary of the American President. It is generally believed to be accurate from available records although I don't have any proof of this. It's nearly impossible for anybody to remain poor and to occupy a position that is political in Nigeria. This is actually the reason lots of people perpetrate all sorts of atrocities to maintain office or political power.

I decided to return by road to Port Harcourt. It enabled me to see more of the countryside and also gave me greater comprehension of the living condition of a typical Nigerian although it turned out to be a ridiculous selection. My bus to Port Harcourt left Jos by 7.00am. The road journey was bumpy, to say the least. I was amazed in the state of disrepair of some expanses of the federal trunk roads. I detected the rate of vehicles is determined by want of the driver to get to destination as quickest as the motorist could. Therefore speed limits signs were never discovered, or to be unfair obeyed. I had been eager to discover that our bus driver maintained a maximum speed of 120km per hour on the good stretches of the trail. I believe that the speed limit could have become the instruction in the bus company. On the poor stretches of the trail, the bus crawled. Because Nigeria is blessed with favorable weather, most vehicle owners don't ensure that the air conditioning systems of these vehicles have been in good working order as the normal thing could be to roll down the wind screens for clean air to flow to the vehicles. That has been the scenario in our bus. Nevertheless, I made sure to roll the wind screens up on the dusty, earthy expanses of the trail. That wasn't enough as I noticed when we stopped to stretch our legs and to have a break. I was frightened at what I saw on the kerchief and wiped my face with my handkerchief that was white. My face was covered with brownish-black dust. I believed that was crazy. Well, there's nothing I could do they do not complain plus as that is the life of most Nigerians.

I found that vehicles would cross into the lanes of oncoming vehicles as a way to prevent some awful piece of road, as we advanced on our journey. This is a routine scene on the majority of the roads, even on important motorways (expressways) with median barriers separating oncoming from ongoing vehicles. In doing this, the vehicles didn't even use the head light to warn oncoming vehicles of the danger it posed. It turned out to be a typical scene to see vehicles swerve from one lane to another to be able to prevent some pot-holes. I was so frightened and prayed to God to take me home. I wondered as they all seem to be relaxed together with the driving pattern, if other passengers felt like me.

As I got closer to my destination, we noticed some assembly of men and women traveling median just ahead of us. Someone in our bus indicated that an injury may have occurred. He was correct. I found that a bus just like ours had only somersaulted to the median, as our driver slowed to a crawl on the scene. Some volunteers placed them on the earth and had managed to bring the occupants of the bus out. Despite the fact that these volunteers were trained on emergency first-aid nor the way to handle injury casualties, in the event of spinal cord injuries they were not unwilling to assist.

I suddenly opened my eyes and found out that I'd dozed off briefly, as I sat down at my balcony. It was now dark as I possibly could start to see the glowing skies using its half moon as well as the great and small stars adding colour to its flamboyance. Something which was apparent was the sound of electrical generating sets in almost every compound. So people needed to improvise their own electricity using generators, like normal, there was no electricity. As a result, I also pictured the escalation in carbon footprint besides the intolerable noise pollution due to these generating sets. It's obvious that the anxiety levels in individuals also increases and therefore raising the mortality rate. I wondered why a state like Nigeria should still be fighting with providing secure electricity for its citizens. I recall a one time Nigerian head of state being quoted as saying that the issue with Nigeria is not money, but what things to do with the money it's. Nigeria has so much money that it doesn't understand what to do with the amount of money. Is this statement still the case today? Well, if it is, then Nigerians need electricity. But how can this feat be understood for Nigerians, when some Nigerian businessmen make lots of fortune in the importation of electricity generators? The long nights of darkness of the common Nigerian is the bundle of the Nigerian businessman. This only ensures that the long nights of captivity will continue.

It is now 6.00am in the morning and the sun is just rising as usual. Some kids in the neighbouring compounds have simply come to my compound to fetch some water. These neighbours are those that could not manage to drill treatment and their very own water borehole and so need to depend in the mercy of other good neighbours. This is only because the government has neglected to supply water that is portable to the citizens. Every individual needs to sort out her or his very own water conditions. As I looked out through the open glass of my window, I wondered the aftereffect of the many water boreholes scattered throughout the city. Would these boreholes sometime lead to subsidence or fall? No one has yet given some serious thought to the after effect of this happening. The responsibility of the after effect would for sure remainder on the shoulders of the government because of its failure to give pipe borne water.

I travelled to the former capital of Nigeria Lagos and its commercial nerve center. Lagos is densely populated. To avoid the traffic jam in Lagos, commuters and drivers get up as early as 4.00am to leave for their office. I had a meeting in a location called Ikoyi in Lagos. If there is no traffic jam from my hotel room, it should take an average of thirty minutes. To be certain I satisfy my assembly program, I requested my driver to pick me up by 6.00am for the assembly. Despite my precaution, I spent two hours traveling and got to my meeting place by 8.05am. I wondered to myself how individuals could live this manner: going to work by 4.00am and returning by 10.00am all in a bid to avert traffic jam. My thoughts went back to London, where the transport system is well organized despite the high amount of commuters. So what exactly is the problem with several other cities in Nigeria, Lagos, and Nigerian commercial centre?

It is hardly difficult to notice in Nigeria the transportation business is driven by the private sector. Train transportation in Nigeria has crippled to a dead end. The main sources of transportation are the buses along with the taxis. These are all possessed by private people. To use the bus or a cab to work means that the time the one gets to the office might ripped or stained with soil someone's shirt. Therefore, individuals prefer to drive to work. Envision to driving to work at exactly the same peak interval where every person in a densely inhabited city revert. The end result will be traffic jam. That is the scenario in Lagos and most cities in Nigeria. The government's failure to give method and transport infrastructure of transfer means that an automobile would be owned by every person. The result: tear and wear of roads and traffic jam that is continuous.

I left Lagos. Where I'd planned to visit some family members because I didn't get a flight to Jos my going to Abuja was just accompanying. Associate Jos from there and I had to fly to Abuja. It gave me the opportunity to look round the capital scene, which will be magnificent by all standards.

nigerianJos is on the Nigerian middle belt hillside situated on the Jos Plateau remaining at about 1,200 meters above sea level. The Jos weather resembles a mild European summer. The weather is amazing and lovely. Aside from the recent spiritual clashes in the area, Jos had remained a sanctuary for foreign tourists and visitors. With military check points at every 1km, the place has been militarised as a result of the prevailing religious clashes. The pleasure of holiday was quickly replaced with understanding. I appreciated some local delicacy and managed to catch enjoyment taking a look at the country side.

Many of these injury victims were moving their bodies and some were completely motionless. I instinctively said these individuals must be evacuated promptly to the hospital. A voice from our bus said, 'who'll do this? No body will likely be prepared to utilize her or his vehicle to take the casualties.' I inquired if there were any numbers to emergency ambulance service. No body seemed to be alert to any such emergency number. The driver of our bus proposed that we might see some staff of the Federal Road Safety Corps traveling along our destination to inform of the injury. We drove off slowly expecting that we find help for the victims along our way. As we didn't find any help on our way, that was not to be.

Nigeria Tourist Destinations For Fantastic Vacation Journey

nigerianNigeria Tourist Destinations Spectacular scenery, unique cultural engineering, vigorous nightlife and favorable inhabitants motivate tourists to vacation at the country several occasions. Nigeria furthermore presents some most compelling shopping markets in their different cities. These markets enable you to buy all kinds in household ranges from veges to medicines. For exciting shopping Oyubo Current market could be considered your best option for sale in Nigeria for the local crafts, food, Goggles, leather goods, beverage as well as art material. Some different famous markets and retail stores are Super Mega, Shoprite with Palms, Lekki Market not to mention Careforte Pharmacy etc.

Other amenities:

Nigeria includes a introduced infrastructure and communication system absolutely help keep contacted with all the outer world with virtually any difficulty. To visit all areas of the nation you need to remain for several days yet, do not concern yourself in regards to the hotels. You can get accommodations, ranges from luxurious to economical, in different capital of scotland — your country.


When you may get numerous travel destinations you could use whether it's in your home country or overseas, why stay behind and uncover engrossed inside day-to-day frenzied schedules? Take out a time and acquire geared as much as holidaying with an spectacular destination. A rejuvenated brain and spirit always helps to keep you active. To search to find the best travel destinations, conduct a study and earn the the identical. Visit all the destinations one after the other; don't need to keep worrying regarding the budget factor, also. get cheap flights to the desired destination. Do get advanced bookings done both for flights and hotels.

Nigeria has emerged very visited tourist spots. With the FIFA World Cup 2010 scheduled to happen in numerous locations with Africa including Nigeria, have you ever thought to plan your visit to this country? Get your booking done now to seize cheap flights to Nigeria. Among the airlines that may well satisfy your financial allowance to visit almost all of the African destinations and extra international destinations is Virgin mobile Nigeria Airline.

nigerianAs previously discussed, to get reduced airline tickets to Nigeria, look at the travel portal. Search all of the available alternatives by feeding while inside details. Whichever airline comes beginning with all the cheapest rate provides your main goal. You will get pertinent information like duration while using trip, code share deal if any, destinations covered midway in case it isn't an immediate flight, etc. Likewise you will get more cheap flights towards your best destination in all the list. Of course, in lots of the instances, it can be Nigeria Airline that happens to be the cheapest.

Virgin Nigeria Airline began operations in the year 2004. Also classified Nigeria Airline, it's definitely the greatest airline throughout Nigeria. Nigeria Tourist Destinations


Nigeria is found inside Western Coastal portion of Africa. This country offers a population that could reach over more than a hundred and ten million people rendering it Africa's most populated region. There are about greater than 190 and seventy-four ethnic groups aided by the Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba tripe being the bulk. These many ethnic groups have inhabited the Nigerian soil for a long time. This country covers an area of 3 hundred moreover to fifty-six thousand square miles. Lagos will be the growth capital town of Nigeria. It is on the sea-side which is a serious tourist destination. It is as well largely known as profitable business oriented destination.

The attractive sites intended for tourism in Nigeria include unique wildlife within various parks and sport reserves, rivers, lakes, a protracted shoreline of varied hundred and fifty cientos where coconut and mangrove have been around in plenty. There are also beaches exactly like Bar, Lekki, Eleko, Calabar, along with Badagry which provide several aquatic adventures.

The hills of Benue are placed keeping the belt region about Nigeria. These hills are the Ikyogen hills which need mild weather all year-round; this ensures a comfortable way to obtain green vegetation created for grazing. Other hills can consist of Bassa, Swern, Ushogbo and Silicon Mountains where silica is mined within the output of glass. Azumini Blue River Rose operating out of Abia State on the boundary with Akwa lbom Think is an additional attractive blog for tourists. The river has crystal-clear blue waters in which you possess canoe rides and black sand beaches. The tourism market is definitely regulated and promoted because of the Nigerian government from the Ministry of Culture, Travel and leisure and Orientation.


Are you a definite travel freaks that have explored Nigeria on the fullest? If you never have, you have missed just concerning the most cherishable moments in everyday life. Book cheap flights which will Nigeria and explore the metropolis now. There are over 70 exciting destinations including many other tourist spots which you'll find difficult to pay inside a trip. But you needn't worry, since you can love flying cheap frequently by means of Virgin Nigeria Airline to many the destinations in Nigeria. Deemed economical airline, Nigeria Airline located at Murtala Mohammed Airport terminal, Lagos and it includes 14 destinations. With option of cheap flights to Nigeria, the influx of tourists increased progressively. To book flights from Nigeria Airline, visit its corporate site or search for a travel portal; you may unquestionably receive the best flight deals.

Here are some of the exotic sight seeing spots in Nigeria:

• Azurnini Violet River: Located in Abia Talk about, the river is recognized to its crystal-clear blue water, sandy beaches, and canoe trips

• Arochukwu: Houses the cave from your famous long JuJu oracle

• Yola Municipality: Known due to the undulating topography of 3 sister hill chains

• Ibeno Seaside in Akwa lbom Point out

• Ogbunike Cave: A NEW wonder of nature Anambra Talk about

• lgbo-Ukwu, an ancient town known ready because of its bronze artifacts

nigerianHistory of nigeria

58,000 infants born with HIV annually in Nigeria - UN

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS has said that about 58,000 infants are born HIV/AIDS positive yearly in Nigeria.

The Executive Director of UNAIDS and Under-Secretary General of Nigerian the United Nations, Michel Sidibe, who's in Nigeria on a three day visit, spoke on Monday night in Abuja during a courtesy call on the Director-General of the National Agency for the Constraint of AIDS, Prof. John Idoko.

«If we do not illustrate that we're effective at achieving mother to child transmission in the least levels of authorities and at every single location, it'll be hard. In Nigeria, 58, 000 infants are born with HIV/AIDS every year from data in our books.

»We have to be capable of be sure that we do not have those babies born with HIV. We have to be certain that we have a fresh generation born without HIV. With that you'd have been able to attest, like I just said, at all government levels."

Sidibe said there was the demand to improve testing and treatment as a measure towards winning the war against HIV/AIDS in the country to a larger quantity of Nigerians.

He said, «If there is any one nation where I should be now to be able to talk about stopping this epidemic, it will be Nigeria, because if we neglect to control the epidemic, it will be catastrophic. If we fail to quicken the pace and reach individuals, we might unable to terminate the epidemic.

»We're in a defining moment, Nigeria is able to show that consequence is possible, that we could see drop on new infections, that we are able to see decrease on how many persons who are dying from HIV/AIDS, that we are able to boost the number of people on treatment.

Sidibe, who said when they're not put on treatment immediately after arrival, infants that were contaminated had 50 per cent chances of survival, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that Nigeria does not have infants dying at the end of his tenure.

Happy Birthday Nigeria!

nigerianI have arrive at comprehend the old saying a good examination of a individual's character is his behavior when he is inappropriate. Nigeria is among the countries that inhaled the air of liberty in the colonial owners 1960 in April first. The freedom in Nigeria was approached having mixed emotions by the stakeholders. Some parts of the united states were of being marginalized by others while in the sharing of the nationwide cake, consequently fearful. So that you can make everyone feel belonged, the Government then thought the function of a Father -Xmas, circulating its means between the different Declares, lots of whom add nothing or minor for the preparing of the pastry.

in putting her only a little above a state looking for a typical personality however, the fast development of the organic endowment of Nigeria could not assist. Nigeria suddenly woke up from slumber to discover that she has abilities which if granted, could Nigerian remedy her predicament. There's still struggling within the property today next good finding as the appropriate folks are but to have the suitable possibility; the best policy is nevertheless to be used rightly and the suitable concept is but to really have the exercise that is right.

Nigeria, regarding a great number of decades has-been embroiled using politicians in search of a process that was national, in a identity disaster. Create a modern polity and the source of the issue is seated inside our anxiety about lack and oneness of may to change our primordial intuition. Because the accession to independence in 1960 in Nigeria, the united states has encountered tremendously consequently of disunity that has deformed, difficult and to a big degree, stultified every developmental energy undertaken by authorities.

When Nigeria clocked forty decades, that's twenty years before, a classic adage exhibited into my-memory: «good people, great land»good persons, great state

Flights To Nigeria

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Moving lets start work on an explanation with this country officially named as Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is in West Africa and it is a federal constitutional republic consisting of thirty-six states with Abuja being its federal capital. The border of the nation touches Niger in north, Benin in west and Chad plus Cameron in the east. It adopts its name from the Niger River running over the river coined by Flora Shaw in late nineteenth century which now could be a federal republic modeled after United States with highest power exercised with the president owning an extensive history eliminating colonization and becoming independent in 1960. Nigeria could be the most populous country of Africa taking seventh position within the world when it comes to population. The country has immense oil reserves together with unexplored minerals including coal, natural gas, gold, bauxite and iron. The country comes with a immerging mixed economy with industries manufacturing textile' leather and subsidiary involving t-shirts and canned food.
The city has varied landscape as well as an expanded topography such as highest point at Chappal Waddi with main rivers found here namely Niger and Benue River emptying into Niger Delta considered to be earth's largest delta. The beauty on this place makes its visitor spell bound and long to stay more. Nigeria has pretty developed financial, legal, communication, transport and stock exchange market having a moderate economy. The country having a rich land allows development of tasty vegetables offering mouthwatering cuisine to its visitors along their trip to places as Ibgo Ukwu, NOK village, Ogutu Lake Holiday Complex, Silicon Hill, Lake Chad and Yankari Natural Park.

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Foreign Aid in Nigeria...The Hidden Agenda - Yahoo Voices -

Forty years back when the most of foreign aid practices and packages were conceived, the Western world thought the Third World poor because of monetary lack; a misunderstanding that though now considered to be false, has not been corrected.

nigerian Instead money is continually dumped into countries with corrupt governments who misspend the millions of dollars. The United States has supplied Nigeria with foreign aid for a long time, with little to exhibit to the effort on either side with the exchange.
Nigeria continues to be known previously for the violent and severe political practices implemented by its extremist military leaders. With the recent formation with the first true Nigerian democracy, the corruption which was a staple of the old regime still continues largely unchecked. This corruption stains most state agencies that may use the help US foreign aid brings. The availability of electricity is sporadic at finest in Nigeria; forget good clean water for any use, or anything decent to eat. A majority of common Nigerian people exist on lower than roughly the same as two dollars per day. Does other people see anything wrong using this picture?
Studies both abroad and also at home show that nations who receive the aid of others whether it is as goods or services tend to be impacted negatively, despite each of the world's good intentions. Giving food to low income areas often bankrupts local farmers; giving money to governments who will be surely going to divert becoming faraway from the needs in the common man as it can is really a fool's errand, no real may come than it in any respect, for it only props up a decaying system that would excel to wither and die. Most disturbing of most really are a lack of figures supporting a good relationship between aid and subsequent economic, political, and social prosperity. Billions of dollars are already channeled from your West in the African continent, and despite everything nations are only imploding from their own greed, poverty, and corruption.
Skeptics of foreign aid insist that inspite of the well-intended ideal of impacting the expansion and actions of terrorist groups by lending outside assistance to developing nations, little has actually come in the enormous amount and variety of aid that has become dispensed in the post-9/11 years. While some short-term aid might be effective, the majority of long-term aid projects, including those involving the US and Nigeria, are doomed to failure from their inception. Most aid visits waste in nations which may have a corrupt or inept government; and whether by accident or design, this kind of government exists in Nigeria though much continues to be implemented to get this to fiction rather than the sad proven fact that it really is known to be.
Nations like Nigeria are indeed needing aid, although not by means of money, clothes or even food. Nigeria needs jobs, the faith of the people of their government, as well as a sound economy which will grow and prosper in the years into the future.