More shocking corruption reports coming, says govt

nigerianRitics of the Muhammadu Buhari administration's anti-corruption crusade yesterday got a response — blackmail or no intimidation will halt the war.

Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed said Nigerians needs to be ready for more mind boggling revelations in the 2015 and 2014 report, which will be yet to be released.

For anyone doubting the claims, the minister said the info he supplied to understand if it was accurate or not should be investigated by them.

«Let's talk more about the price of corruption. Have you ever seen that whereas Nigeria's national budget has increased from just over N900 billion in 1999 to finished N6 trillion poverty has additionally grown nearly by the same percentage? The reason just isn't far fetched: Appropriated funds have mostly ended up in the pockets of a few looters.»

He added: «Do you understand that what's so far been revealed as per taking in the Dasukigate is about N54.8billion Whereas, in the entire 2015 all the zonal intervention act cost N52 billion. This is the expense of corruption for you personally.

When the cash meant to build roads is looted, the outcome is the roads aren't constructed as well as the people suffer and even die in road mishaps that are avoidable. We all are sentenced to darkness, when the money designed to provide electricity is looted. We're not able to reduce infant and maternal mortality when a few pocket the money meant for health care. These will be the costs of corruption. Let's not just talk about corruption in the abstract, let us be counting its price to our own lives as a way to drive home the point that corruption should be tackled decisively for Nigerians to feel the effect of government.»

Mohammed spoke of two courts of corruption — the court of public opinion and also the court of law. «The court of public opinion can also be as important as the court of law,» he said.

Mohammed raised the alarm that treasury looters had resorted to fighting back, using various means.

However he assured the country that the administration will not give in to their distractions.

The authorities, he said, has achieved what it set out to achieve, which is to sensitise Nigerians to the evil of corruption.

He explained: «Well, I can let you know today that corruption is already fighting back, and it's fighting hard and dirty. Sponsored articles have begun appearing in the newspapers and in the social networking while 'Talking Heads' have began making the rounds in the electronic media deriding this Government as good as the struggle against corruption. Not stopping there, they've been creating distractions by sponsoring posts in both local and international media tag the President a budding fascist, to deride the Administration's policies generally and even write off his 2016 budget. We know the only goal of those assaults is to deflect attention from your war on corruption.

»It's saddening that some otherwise credible voices have unwittingly let themselves to be railroaded into the bandwagon of pro-corruption orchestra. They engage in sophistry to try to drum up Nigerians from the anti-corruption conflict. One hack writer even said the disclosure that 55 Nigerians supposedly stole N1.34 trillion between 2006 and 2013 didn't trigger any anger among Nigerians! A disclosure that attracted the attention of worldwide financial institutions and the world's most powerful country, played extensively in the international media and made the front page in more than a dozen Nigerian papers cannot be dismissed using a wave of the hand.

«Also, among those who gained from the Dasukigate even had the temerity to deride the anti-corruption war as 'selective', when in saner climes he should happen to be so ashamed of himself that he would have apologised to the nation and hunkered down...for good. These sponsored assaults usually are not about to cease. In fact, they'll become more coordinated and more extreme in the days ahead. But the good news is the fact that we are winning the war. Nigerians are currently talking more about corruption. Nigerians are actually counting the cost of corruption to their own lives.

»We call on Nigerians to not be taken in by the antics of the sponsored denunciation of the anti-graft war. The treasury looters, who've so much resources in their own kitty, as well as their cohorts will throw everything but the kitchen sink at this Administration, But we don't have any doubt that Nigerians are discerning enough to be aware of the truth which, in the words of President Muhammadu Buhari, is that unless Nigeria kills corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria.

«This Government will neither be deflected nor intimidated by anyone into giving up or weakening the fight against corruption, which will be a war of survival for our state. The fight will not be stopped by any quantity of media or other attacks. The pseudo-analyzers and hack writers will labour in vain in heir quest to stop the train of this anti-corruption fight.»

The minister said the info on corruption was meant to sensitise the nation on the evil of corruption.

«Let me restate, for emphasis, that when we give examples of mind boggling acts of corruption, our intention isn't to vilify anyone but to sensitise Nigerians regarding how harmful corruption would be to the country as well as the individuals. The truth is that what we now have shown so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Nigerians should stay tuned for more shocking revelations in the days ahead.»

On why the details he gave on alleged treasury looters failed to comprise 1999-2005, he explained the compilation covered only periods when the anti-corruption law became completely functional and that was around 2006.

The minister said by the time the details of 2014 and 2015 are released, the nation will soon be shocked.

His words: «When we make following disclosures, you will be more shocked than you are now.»

He also decried the situation where it takes about seven or even more years to prosecute the «so called strong» folks.

On the role of the judiciary in the fight against corruption, the minister reiterated his earlier appeal that both Bench and the Bar should begin to see the fight as a national effort.

He explained " and I can ensure you that we have formed a demo As Well As the judiciary is willing and prepared to cooperate with us. So we know that judiciary is very important, and we're reaching out to them, we are appealing to also know that there are several structural reforms that need to take place and we are working to them.

The government has been criticized for trampling on the rights of accused individuals or disobeying court orders. Mohammed differed.

He said: «What are we even talking about? Is the human right of the 55 persons more important than human rights of 170 Nigerians? But again, I want to make it clear that we do not disobey court orders».

When prodded to supply info on the 55 individuals, he explained the simplest method would be to attend the EFCC or the court to find out who they are as they have one pending case or the other in the court bordering on corruption.

«On our own component too, we make sure that when the management of legal justice is actualised, it'll cut down the amount of time it takes now to prosecute a case because under that law, I believe the maximum time allowed for adjournment is two.»

Nigeria strength resigns before privatisation

nigeriaThe power minister in Nigeria resigned on Wednesday, the presidency explained, 8 weeks before customers that were favored were on account of be announced in a privatisation approach supposed to change the countryis suffering energy sector.

A spokesman for Nnaji established the minister had a spot in this organization, but explained there was zero discord of fascination because specialists were informed.

There have been reports in a few Nigerian magazines on Wednesday Barth Nnaji got an interest in a company involved in the businesses procedure for just two Nigerian state possessions upwards available.

Why Nnaji resigned, the spokesperson rejected to convey, netpin.gr and no motive was given while in the resignation's story from the presidency.

" spokesman told Reuters.

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Happy Birthday Nigeria!

nigerianI have arrive at comprehend the old saying a good examination of a individual's character is his behavior when he is inappropriate. Nigeria is among the countries that inhaled the air of liberty in the colonial owners 1960 in April first. The freedom in Nigeria was approached having mixed emotions by the stakeholders. Some parts of the united states were of being marginalized by others while in the sharing of the nationwide cake, consequently fearful. So that you can make everyone feel belonged, the Government then thought the function of a Father -Xmas, circulating its means between the different Declares, lots of whom add nothing or minor for the preparing of the pastry.

in putting her only a little above a state looking for a typical personality however, the fast development of the organic endowment of Nigeria could not assist. Nigeria suddenly woke up from slumber to discover that she has abilities which if granted, could Nigerian remedy her predicament. There's still struggling within the property today next good finding as the appropriate folks are but to have the suitable possibility; the best policy is nevertheless to be used rightly and the suitable concept is but to really have the exercise that is right.

Nigeria, regarding a great number of decades has-been embroiled using politicians in search of a process that was national, in a identity disaster. Create a modern polity and the source of the issue is seated inside our anxiety about lack and oneness of may to change our primordial intuition. Because the accession to independence in 1960 in Nigeria, the united states has encountered tremendously consequently of disunity that has deformed, difficult and to a big degree, stultified every developmental energy undertaken by authorities.

When Nigeria clocked forty decades, that's twenty years before, a classic adage exhibited into my-memory: «good people, great land»good persons, great state

Building Great Businesses In Nigeria: Lessons From Jimoh Ibrahim

nigerianNigeria is blessed with lots of outstanding capitalists and wealthy industrialists who own multi-billion dollar conglomerates with assets well over trillions of naira and who collectively employ a large number of Nigerians across their various business operations thereby contributing remarkably on the size, scope and direction of our nation's economy.
Notable among these lot are Aliko Dangote, founder and chairman with the Dangote Group, which holds large-scale interests within the commodities, agriculture, real estate and petroleum sub-sectors of our own economy, and is also now ranked by Forbes magazine as Africa's richest man with a net-worth of US$20.8 Billion, as at November 2013, Otunba Mike Adenuga, the telecommunications magnate whose operations now span throughout the West African hub and that's worth US$4.3 Billion, at the time of March 2013, along with the youthful Femi Otedola, founder and CEO of Forte Oil Plc, who had previously been ranked by Forbes during 2009 having a net-worth of US$1.2Billion.
However, among these enviable lot, none can be as inspiring, personally, as Jimoh Ibrahim, the 46 year old lawyer turned oil baron from Ondo State, South-West, Nigeria, who himself has become considered to be worth some hundreds of millions of dollars, and is the founder of a big conglomerate in Nigeria, which has interests within the insurance, hospitality, coal and oil and media sectors in the Nigerian economy.
Unlike Dangote or Otedola, Ibrahim can be a man who a humble beginning while he was created with out a silver spoon and came from a really rough background which has a lot of deprivation as part of his growing up days. Reportedly from your polygamous family, Ibrahim managed to, against all odds, obtain admission to the University and in the end graduated as being a barrister at law from your University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University in 1991.
So even though the Dangotes and Otedolas of the world had the privileges to be born with silver spoons (Dangote, being from a wealthy Northern industrial family and Otedola, the son of the former civilian governor of Lagos state), Ibrahim had no such luxuries but had cardiovascular desire plus a strong conviction being successful in your life, concluding in their mind that obtaining a University degree held the only real promise to some better life as well as a rewarding future.
The story of this great entrepreneur is one that I think that every young Nigerian and aspiring entrepreneur should pay close care about as it could serve as the much needed inspiration to giant strides operational in addition to great accomplishments in daily life. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree in law from OAU, Ibrahim saw that waiting to accumulate working experience being an attorney by interning with an established law firm, as they are common practice amongst many young lawyers in Nigeria today, could take decades so he decided to specialize on taxation, which was an area of great interest to him during his undergraduate days and in many cases the subject of a few of his dissertation papers.
With this insightful info on the method of taxation in Nigeria, Ibrahim, unlike many fresh University graduates in Nigeria some of whom believe securing a paid employment first after graduating from school could be the one way to charting an effective future, lay out by conducting trainings and workshops on taxation for local assuring governments and later the government of Nigeria, becoming within the process a nationally acclaimed tax consultant.
Honing his expertise inside the areas of tax administration, reform and financial management and then obtaining his Masters degrees in Public Administration and international taxation from OAU and Harvard University in America respectively, Ibrahim was previously leader consultant for the federal government of Nigeria on petroleum tax payment, collection and monitoring, member, Federation Accounts Allocation Committee, consultant for the IMF on tax reform in Croatia and Lithuania in addition to a key member in the team that designed tax reform for your state of Bangladesh.
Needles to state that once he turned 30, while several of his peers may still are actually looking for jobs, Jimoh Ibrahim had been a multi-millionaire! So when he thought we would setup his conglomerate in 2003, after failing woefully in an attempt for being Executive Governor of Ondo State around the platform with the old All People's Party (APP), he was well armed which has a rich experience with how business works in Nigeria, how government policy is formulated and implemented and the way to raise sufficient capital to get started on a company.
For many budding entrepreneurs, what are the lessons to learn on building great businesses from the journey and technique of Barrister Ibrahim? For me, certainly one of such is that when planning to start a company, visiting raise all of the capital required may not be one of the most paramount thing and may also figure to putting the cart prior to horse, sometimes.
This is simply because, in a very country like Nigeria, having dreams about raising capital to begin an enterprise using loans from banks or debt equity, not having grown the company to a substantial state where sound financial management and ambitious growth plans might be adequately demonstrated to the finance institutions or private investors, may seem like a mirage!
Looking with the phenomenal growth of a few of Mr. Ibrahim's business ventures, an example may be keen to note some in the principles that they has imbibed, that have contributed in no small measure on the increase of those businesses today. Some of such include sound financial management, persistence, short, medium and long-term planning, effective utilization of credit as well as prompt repayment of which credit when taken.
However, while Barrister Ibrahim's desire for building and growing large business organizations that might provide gainful employment for a huge number of teeming Nigerian youths while positively impacting our economy have to be commended, it remains to be noticed what's the clear corporate social responsibility (CSR) thrust of some of these businesses and exactly how they look to better lives and impact people and communities, besides by only creating employment.
It is interesting to make note of that while many large corporations and giant-sized businesses in Nigeria like that relating to Ibrahim, Dangote or Otedola, make a lot of profits with the patronage from the generality of Nigerians and even repatriate such profits home at minimum cost, in the case of multi-nationals, only few of them do very little to present time for society through scholarships, schemes and life-changing programmes that will profit the whole in the populace. Very few Nigerian wealthy capitalists or industrialists own notable foundations such as the ones setup by Bill Gates, earth's richest man and founder of Microsoft and his awesome wife, and also those established by remarkable American businessmen like Henry Ford or John D Rockefeller.
Another important point worthy of note amongst Nigeria's most successful businessmen is often a lack of an system or structure where adequate mentoring may be presented to build an ecosystem of great entrepreneurs and remarkable young businessmen in Nigeria. To this end, many budding entrepreneurs will often be left unclear about how to go about setting their businesses, what tools to make use of and what you should discard and the way to tap in the brains of numerous of such great entrepreneurs which may have gone ahead. It is through efforts similar to this exceptional Nigerian entrepreneurs like Ibrahim, Dangote, Otedola or Adenuga can leave a worthy legacy because as far as numerous Nigerians are involved, the legacies of some these men still remain largely unclear otherwise outrightly unknown or undefined!
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