Nigerian press others, on mass dismissals

The sacking of vice chancellors of some national universities as well as the release of Boko Haram suspects were a few of the leading reports in Nigerian newspapers of Sunday.The Country reported the sacking of 13 vice chancellors, pointing out that the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and the 12 Federal Universities created by the Jonathan management now have new vice chancellors following the sudden removal of the incumbents by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Nigerian army was said by Guardian on Saturday released 275 Boko Haram suspects that were arrested and detained by the military for alleged terrorism and insurgency activities in Borno State.

This Day said following the federal government bailed out 19 of the 27 states that were enmeshed in fiscal catastrophe, states are seeking another bailout.

Nigerian Tribune said police detectives in Enugu on Saturday uncovered an item suspected to be an exploded ordinance ((UXO) near the Enugu State House of Assembly Complex and the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Hostel in Ogui all in Enugu metropolis.

The Daily Independent reported that Nigerian and Cameroonian forces have killed guessed Boko Haram terrorists and freed more than three dozen hostages within a raid to fight the insurgency in several West African nations, a military spokesman said.

The Dangote Group, on Saturday launched 20,000 hectare rice generation scheme, aimed at making the country self-sufficient in rice production and food secure by the year 2018, the Leadership newspaper reported.

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